May 4 2012

Zombie Apocalypse – Kirby Krackle

Because the Zombie Apocalypse makes for a great song. Watch this most awesome music video and see how many genre specific things you can point out. Plus also listen cause it’s funny as hell.

Apr 12 2012

I saw her standing there…

From my friend Zombie Dan. A game, a love story, and zombies. All in one. How can you go wrong? Check it out here. You should waste a few minutes of your life on this, it’s totally worth it.

Apr 12 2012

Let there be an apocalypse.

Please of please oh please?

Jan 27 2012

CDC Graphic novella – “Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic”

You may recall the CDC announcing their Zombie Preparedness guide on their blog last year. Well, if you didn’t see it you really shodul go check it out. You can’t be too prepared. They also have a new graphic novella out “Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic“.

According to the CDC ‘Our new graphic novel, “Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic” demonstrates the importance of being prepared in an entertaining way that people of all ages will enjoy.’ You can download a pdf version of the novella at their site via the previous link, or click here for a direct download.

Download it now. It may save your life one day. Or at the very least it’s just too awesome not to have.

Dec 2 2011

Frosty Zombies: A “Holiday” Creepy puppet project

Happy zombie Holidays. zombie Christmas carols fill my heart with joy.

Nov 14 2011

SMBC zombie goodness

Nov 1 2011

Zombies and Babies: Uncanny similarities

Having gone through the many stages of the baby process, I can say this is a 100% accurate representation and should not be taken with a grain of salt.

My favorite part: “funk of 40000 years” aroma. Check out How to be a dad for the original post.

Love it so much? Get it on a t-shirt!

Oct 26 2011

Run for your lives – 5k Zombie infested obstacle course

Well, I have to be the first to admit, I don’t adhere to rule #1 a tall. However, if anything could inspire me to get off my lazy couch potato ass and get into some cardio, it would be this event. Run for your lives is a 5k obstacle course infested with zombies. This is a first of its kind event. According to the website “Runners will navigate a series of 12 obstacles throughout a 5K course in an attempt to reach the finish line — all while avoiding zombies. At the end of this adventure race, you get to celebrate survival (or zombie transformation) with live entertainment and music, local celebrities, vendors, food, and of course, beer!” Yay beer! Or braaaaains if we don’t survive.

This event was most recently held in Baltimore on October 22nd, but is set to be held in a number of cities coming 2012. If it comes up to Vancouver, I am so going to participate either as a Zombie or a Human, that has yet to be decided. Check out for more information.

Oct 12 2011

Westlake Ace Hardware, your Zombie preparedness centre.

As it says on Westlake Ace Hardware stores Zombie Preparedness website “Don’t be scared. Be prepared”. They’ve put together a Zombie Preparedness campaign to supply you with all your Zombie defense needs. Or, if you ARE a Zombie, check out the website for tips on keeping yourself together and looking smart. Need help? Check out the FAQ and tips section on zombie preparedness and zombie preservation tips. Top quality hardware needs for a top quality zombie defense. I’d shop there.

Sep 16 2011

Watch what you eat.