Mar 18 2011

Nike Zombies – Run

They sum it up in one word. Run. Check it out below !

Nov 21 2010

Zombie Snickers commercial – Found!

After searching like crazy for the last few days,  I finally found the damn commercial. So here it is. Snickers and Zombies. A spike presentation.

Nov 18 2010

Zombie Snickers Commercial – Be on the lookout

I hate to post stuff when I can’t show it off, but this morning I was watching TV, and I saw the greatest Snickers commercial ever. I tried to youtube it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I also scoured the site, and alas it was nowhere to be found. So, if you’re out there and you have this commercial on video, you should link it up and send it on over so we can share it with the Zombieverse.

In the meantime, enjoy a Spanish Snickers commercial featuring a Zombie. No, this isn’t what I am looking for, but this is what I found. So please don’t share this with me. Dur.